Faith Over Fear

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Faith Over Fear is an app presenting sermons, prayers, and a shop.


My client had a dream bringing his community together with the Gospel. He told me you wanted one main app where people can read his very own sermons and prayers as well as shop for apperal.


How it works



This is where weekly sermons are posted, sorted by date

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Popular/Daily Prayers

Need something to recite? Check here

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Shop the clothes Faith Over Fear has for sale


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Tech Talk

Faith Over Fear is a native iOS application that was soley developed by me using Swift and Xcode.

The UI is created programmatically using auto layout, no storyboard or xib files. MVVM design pattern is implemented to populate the model, communicate with the viewmodel, and update the view.

Contentful’s SDK allows the owner of the app to manage content, adding, deleting, or editing sermons or prayers. The app shows the new or edited sections when the user pulls down to refresh or launches the app.

Moltin’s SDK is used to present the apperal shop. Items are shown in real time with relation to avaiable stock in avaiable sizes. Adding to a cart, viewing the cart, deleting items, and checking out is all handled using Moltin. Payment process extends Moltin’s SDK using Stripe. The owner is notified an order has been created and when it has been payed for. Structs, decodable, and URLSession are used to collect and parse the json data.

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