Currently an undergraduate at the University of Oregon majoring in Computer Science with a minor in Buisness. I grew up around code as my father is a Software Engineer. I remember looking over his shoulder and being intrigued as I watched lines of code come to life. Much like most things in life, I can't be handed the knowledge and skills to be a successful programmer. This page is to showcase the hard work I've put in to make a name for myself. Enjoy.


My UX Design for coming Qupon Cryptocurrency


The summer of 2017 is where I've learned the most as I sat down to create this site on my own and worked as a part-time intern. I feel most comfortable with HMTL, CSS, PHP, Javascript, Jquery, Python, and Java. I'm gaining familiarity with Objective C and Swift. You can find my code on my Github



Designing websites is where I get the most fufilling joy and sense of accomplishment. Once I successfully developed this site I took to Craigslist to offer my services. Turns out there are people that like to support a college freelancer as I recevied a number of responses. Each project I complete will be displayed below.

My online marketing buisness in the process of completion:

Past clients: