No Caption

Meet No Caption

No Caption is an iPhone/iPad app that uses artificial intelligence to label images and present mulitple lyrics containing those labels.


Scrolling through apps like Instagram you always notice people using musical lyrics as captions. This sparked an idea in my head to automatically generate lyrics when given a picture. This is when I started messing around with image processing AI and a search method to find lyrics. In no time, No Caption was born.


How it works

Choose Photo

Upload any photo from your photo library or take a picture using your camera

Select a Bubble

Pick as many bubbles as you want, these are the words that will be used to search for lyrics containing them

Add Words

You have the option to even add your own words. Once done hit “Go”

View and Copy Lyrics

Scroll through the lyrics that contain the bubbles you selected. Tap a cell to copy the lyrics to your clipboard for easy access

Tech Talk

No Caption is a native iOS application that was soley developed by me using Swift and Xcode.

The UI is done programmatically using auto layout, no storyboard or xib files. MVVM design pattern is implemented to populate the model, communicate with the viewmodel, and update the view.

Google’s Vision API is used to get labels from images and Genius’ API gives lyrics, artist’s name, and album information to the app. Structs, decodable, and URLSession are used to collect and parse the json data.

© 2020 Nick Bonat