Meet TutorTree

TutorTree is an app that alows students from various Universites find reliable tutors for their classes. It provides tutors that set their own hours and rates.


We are TutorTree: the evolution of tutoring. As a company developed by working undergrads, we believe in the impact of students helping students. We are a digitally and financially accessible app for college students to find prescreened peer tutors on their campus and vice versa.”

How it works

Booking a tutor

Find a class

Choose any class that you need help with

View available tutors

See all the tutors you can select. Compare their rates and availability to best match your preferences 

Pay for your session

Conveniently use Apple Pay or Venmo to book your session

Handle upcoming sessions

View sessions

In the connections tab you can see pending and upcoming sessions

Set reminders

Set a reminder in your calander app for an upcoming session or request a reschedule


As a tutor, reschedule an uncoming session if necessary


Use the built-in chat room to talk with people regarding sessions

Modify your settings

Customize your pay

Set how much you want to charge per half hour as well as the max hours you’d like to be booked a week

Choose classes

Select the classes you have been approved to tutor in

Choose availability

Set the times you are avaiable to tutor

View transactions

See how much you have spent on tutors and how much you have made


Withdraw your funds using venmo or by asking for direct deposit


Contact the support team if you have any questions

Tech Talk

TutorTree is a native iOS application that was built using Xcode, Swift and SwiftUI.

The UI is created programmatically using SwiftUI, no storyboard or xib files. MVVM design pattern is implemented to populate the model, communicate with the viewmodel, and update the view.

To handle authorization such as creating an account/login, Google’s Firebase is used. Firestore allows to collect user data such as the information they have provided, sessions, messages, transactions, etc. Storage is used to allow users to upload their profile images.

Heroku works as a server to send push notifications, sms messages, and emails.

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